R.H. Peterson 16" Charred Oak Log Set

R.H. Peterson 16" Charred Oak Log Set
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R.H. Peterson 16" Charred Oak Log Set

Peterson Charred series gas logs feature amazing burned-through realism because the front log is actually in two pieces giving the appearance the fire has been burning for a while, showing more flame and glowing embers.


  • 16" Gas Logs
  • Glowing Ember Burner (Natural Gas BTU 39K; Propane BTU 39K)
  • Custom Log Grate
  • Connector Kit
  • Glowing Embers
  • Sand or Vermiculite
  • Burner Clips
  • Damper Clamp

NO VALVE INCLUDED WITH THIS SET IF USING NATURAL GAS! Lighting method: match light using your existing wall key valve.  NOTE – If a remote control or wall switch is desired please visit our “Gas Fireplace Valves” section to view your options.

SPK-26 VALVE INCLUDED IF PROPANE IS USED!  This Peterson Real Fyre Pilot Kit is designed for use with Peterson Real Fyre Propane Gas Vented gas log sets for manual safety pilot control.  NOTE - before purchasing a pilot kit to add to your existing log set you must ensure that you have adequate space in your fireplace, per the manufacturers guidelines.

G4 Burner:
This gas log set comes with a G4 Burner. This base model G4 burner is characterized by a single pipe running from left to right within the burner pan. Their are holes in the bottom of the pipe spanning the entire length of it for the gas to come from, providing maximum flame coverage. The silica sand spread over the pipe (vermiculite for LP applications) and the glowing embers atop that add depth to the flame so rather than just one wide row of flames, you get a more realistic flame pattern.

G45 Burner:
This gas log set comes with a G45 Burner. The G45 offers the same pipe burner as the G4 but adds a "T" shaped, extra front burner which accentuates front ember presentation and adds even more depth to the flame, while maximizing warmth. With this burner, you will see more glowing embers and a small row of front flames, again adding more realism for your fireplace.


Vented Gas Logs must be installed in a fireplace with a fully functional chimney, to draft the smoke and combustion gases from your home. These log sets have been available for over 50 years and are still the most popular. Vented logs are the logs that most resemble a realistic wood fire. They use an open damper, which limits heating efficiency. Just like burning a wood fire, most heat escapes the chimney and only a small amount is returned to your home. Vented log sets are more flexible. Logs can be repositioned according to preference.


All Peterson Vented Gas Logs are WARRANTED for as long as you own them (lifetime). All Peterson Burner Assemblies are WARRANTED for TEN (10) YEARS. SPK-26 Controls are covered by a THREE (3) YEAR “All Parts” Warranty. All other Peterson Valves, Pilots and Controls are covered by a ONE (1) YEAR Limited Warranty (excluding batteries).

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